New Patient Information

Thank you for choosing us to serve your healthcare needs. Southwest Orlando Family Medicine, P.L. has been faithfully serving the healthcare needs of our community’s children, adolescents, adults, and elderly since 1987.

What you need to know for your New Patient appointment

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2  Becoming a New Patient

If you do not already have an appointment scheduled, you can become a patient by pre-registering with our office. Once you have pre-registered and have sent us an appointment request, one of our Patient Care Representatives will get in touch with you to confirm and collect any other necessary details. Be sure to activate your Patient Portal and complete your Medical History Questionnaire before your appointment.


3  Controlled Substance Policy

Southwest Orlando Family Medicine, P.L. has a strict policy on controlled substance medications and tranquilizers. We will not prescribe narcotics or controlled substances during your New Patient appointment. Due to increasing regulations, you may be referred to a pain management provider or a psychiatrist to manage these medications.

4  Required Document Checklist

Fill out your new patient medical history information under the Questionnaire section of the Patient Portal before your appointment.

If you haven’t set up your Patient Portal yet, print and bring the following forms with you to your appointment:

5  What to Bring for your Appointment

  Valid Photo ID
  Insurance Card
  Medication pill bottles
  Medical Records from Previous Doctor(s)


When you print a form, if the right side is cut off you must set the right margin to 0.25″.

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