General Medical Care

In our effort to provide better healthcare to our patients, we strongly request that you arrive promptly 30 minutes before your New patient appointment and 20 minutes earlier for our established patients.

When establishing, there are many forms to be completed and insurance verifications to be done which are in the best interests of you, our patient. Of course, this is very time consuming, but please remember that if you are scheduled in a specific time slot with a medical provider, it is imperative for you to be punctual.

We strive and place personal demands on ourselves to do our best to meet our patient’s needs and appointment schedule on a timely basis. Unfortunately, if our patients are running late, it causes a “domino effect”, thereby causing all remaining appointments to be seen late. Just as it is our responsibility to keep a strict schedule, it is also your responsibility to make all appointments at the correctly scheduled time. We certainly dislike having a waiting room full of patients that are late for their appointments just as much as you dislike waiting on our providers.

I am optimistic that together we can work on your health care needs and help us in our pursuit to provide the best family practice setting in the Orlando area. I welcome any suggestions or criticisms alike for the improvement of our practice. Mutual understanding and respect is of utmost importance and clearly will make your doctor visit a success.

My staff and I are looking forward to serving you and your family’s health care needs and developing a long association of mutual trust and understanding. It is our mission to provide compassionate, comprehensive and confidential healthcare services for you and your family.

If you have any question about subjects covered in this website or other areas, please discuss them with us. We are of the firm belief that better patient/doctor relations are established when both can communicate openly and honestly and understand each other’s problems more fully.

Patrick P. Gonzales, M.D.